Actisense and The Climate Corporation Enable Better Farm Equipment Communication


Actisense, the remote data specialists, have worked with one of the world’s leading authorities in digital agriculture to aid better communication between farm equipment. 

Actisense’s host of intelligent sensors, interfaces, and innovative technologies allow multiple devices to seamlessly communicate over ISOBUS, CANBUS, and NMEA environments. 

The Climate Corporation and Actisense have partnered to help ensure all smart equipment on farming implements that utilize the Climate FieldView™ platform can communicate via the ISOBUS/CANBUS protocol.

The Climate FieldView™ Drive, Climate’s product enabling data to be collected and displayed such as planting density, spray rates, and harvested yield information whilst producing geospatial maps, could only receive data from, and couldn’t communicate back to, GPS devices using NMEA0183 data.

While NMEA0183 is the standard communication protocol in agricultural equipment across the world, it’s also a single data talker that can only talk to – or send GPS data to – other devices that use the NMEA0183 protocol. Connected equipment not using the NMEA0183 protocol couldn’t communicate back to GPS units in order to create the dynamic maps critical to FieldView™.

Actisense had the optimum solution! Where you find GPS devices using NMEA0183 to communicate (which happens to be the vast majority) Actisense’s NGW-1 NMEA 2000® Gateway allows for bi-directional connections, enabling open channels to the ISOBUS and, in this case, FieldView™ to both read and map information from all connected devices.

Using the Actisense NGW-1 allows Climate customers to expand their equipment compatibility. For customers with a mixed fleet of equipment, it increases the number of machines on which they can run these hardware/software solutions.

The NGW-1 will work on both new and existing equipment, meaning farmers won’t need to go through the heavy expense of upgrading all areas of a vehicle in order to obtain the latest GPS data or communicate back to base.

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