Agrovista reveals new version of Axis data platform at Cereals 2018 and expands its drone imaging service


Agrovista will be giving the first preview of its soon-to-be-released Axis 2.0 software, the latest version of the company’s cloud-based data platform, at Cereals 2018.

Originally launched in 2014, Axis has been developed to enable agronomy and precision farming data to be uploaded and shared in real time with advisers, agronomists, operators and contractors, giving participating farm business true flexibility and efficiency.

With Axis, users have instant access to crop management information, from field records to yield maps, helping make informed, timely decisions that facilitate efficient, cost-effective farming practices using any device connected to the internet.

Axis 2.0 will provide users with a much more powerful data collection and analysis tool, says Agrovista’s head of precision technology, Lewis McKerrow.

“It will also integrate Agrovista’s drone imagery service to provide a seamless hub for data management.”

More growers will be able to take advantage of Agrovista’s drone-imaging service this season, thanks to an expansion of the company’s quadcopter fleet and an increase in the number of agronomists trained to undertake commercial flights.

In 2017, the company made more than 500 drone flights covering 7,000ha. By flying crops several times a season, a range of key agronomic parameters can be accurately assessed, including establishment, plant counts, biomass, weeds and disease presence.

Using powerful in-house software called MapIT Pro, Agrovista can quickly process the masses of data collected by the drone and accurately assess in-field variation to create field zone maps.

Mr McKerrow says: “When overlaid with other data such as soil, soil nutrient and yield maps, zone maps can be used as a basis for variable rate drilling, nitrogen application and patch spraying of weeds.”

Full-flight packages costs for less than £5/ha, depending on area flown, while a processing service for farmers who fly their own drones is available for about £1/ha.

Agrovista staff will be on hand at Cereals to explain the merits of using the company’s state-of-the-art Veris U3 soil analyser.

The machine measures organic matter levels, pH, electro-conductivity (to ascertain soil type) and topography quickly and accurately in one pass of a field, helping growers and agronomists to employ appropriate fertility management strategies.

The Veris can be towed in a 4×4, UTV or tractor at speeds of up to 16kph in 12m bouts, delivering rapid on-the-go soil scanning.

Mr McKerrow says: “The data highlights soil variability and can be overlaid with yield maps, field scans and nutrient tests to assess the limiting factors of those soils.

“This information provides a record of the soil’s health and can be used to help target variable rate applications and organic manures.”

Advanced zoning tools also highlight likely nitrogen-leaching, nutrient lock up and water retention areas, further aiding management decisions and knowledge of how soils will react under certain conditions.




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