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RHIZA is the first digital agronomy and precision soil sampling service on the U.K market. The company is inviting farmers to join thousands of other farmers who are already benefiting from the 15 years of R&D and in-field experience from IPF and Soil Quest.

 Five reasons to sign up:

1. Dedicated and qualified account manager from day one to tailor a package completely personalised to you.

2.  See how RHIZA is the first company to incorporate radar satellite data for yield potential and crop growth stage information. 

3. Learn how RHIZA can provide yield increases of up to 12% per field.

4. Find out how RHIZA can help you save money with variable rate applications and how digital monitoring can help you to farm more efficiently.

5. Satellite resolution is 7-fold higher with a revisit time of 1.5 days, against a 7 day standard compared with our competitors.

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