Grimme receive prestigious DLG Agritechnica Silver Innovation Award


GRIMME has been awarded the prestigious DLG Silver Innovation Award at this year’s Agritechnica for its SmartView video system.

The patent pending GRIMME SmartView is the first video system for agricultural machinery, which offers users the opportunity for users to decide what they wants to see. The system has several innovative features including a zoom and slow motion function; live image transfer on mobile devices via WiFi; the choice of various window arrangements plus the largest display on the market.

Using the zoom function users can choose precisely what they want to see from the whole video image. For the first time it is possible to show several images from the same camera on one the monitor. This enables the user to zoom into different parts of the whole video

image simultaneously but independently of each other. The cameras do not need to be

readjusted by hand, as the user can zoom into the relevant video as requested.

 For improved function control users can run every video image in slow motion, which enables them to react quickly to changing harvest conditions and for example, to

change settings of the separators Live image transfer via WiFi.

SmartView enables simple connection of a mobile device, a tablet or smart phone, using the WiFi of the GRIMME machine, which is available via its telemetry unit. The live image transfer can show, for example the separator from the picking-off table, which is not normally visible.

Video images and screenshots can be recorded and stored on any USB stick to document the various operating conditions. Largest display on the market The large 12 inch touch-screen monitor can display up to 8 video images at the same time. In total, it is possible to connect up to 24 cameras to the video system. This operation is the same when connecting to a tablet or smart phone.

A new feature of Visual Protect is that, in addition to a large display of the event on the monitor, several video images can also be displayed in a user-defined window arrangement. Thus, the upstream and downstream areas can be displayed simultaneously.

From 2020, the SmartView system will be available as standard on the VENTOR 4150 selfpropelled potato harvester and as an option on the EVO 280 trailed bunker harvester – with plans to roll this out across further machines in the future.


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