Improvements to CLAAS 365FarmNet


Automatic interpretation of telemetric data is making sure CLAAS machines’ integration into 365FarmNet is even better.

Automatic documentation is based on TELEMATICS. A data logger on the machine collects relevant CAN Bus and sensor data and the position. The CLAAS Communication Module then sends these data to the CLAAS server via mobile radio and at the same time the server also receives information about the field boundaries from 365FarmNet.

This allows the server to assign field-specific information to the machine and transmit it to 365FarmNet. This then enables the server to transmit field-specific machine information to 365FarmNet, so the farmer can see at a glance where the machine has been operating, add additional information and quickly complete the documentation.

Field boundaries are mapped centrally in 365FarmNet. Changes are adopted automatically even when data are assigned at a later date.

The new data exchange system is secure in several respects. Unlike data transfer by USB stick, the risk of data loss or user error is minimal. Reliable state-of-the-art data transfer is guaranteed. The farmer has complete control over what data are transferred. The system provides accurate results even when field work is interrupted by bad weather, for example.

365FarmNet makes it easy to enhance data analysis and processing. For example, a yield map can quickly provide the basis for statutory fertiliser recording and planning. The farmer receives machine data from the field and can check the position and status of a harvesting machine, for example, on the spot.  Accurate economic appraisals can be made when detailed fuel consumption data is available, for instance.




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