Innovative agri-technology developments at this year’s Crop Tec


Growers looking to stay abreast of the latest agri-tech developments will be spoilt for choice when The CropTec Show returns to the East of England Showground in Peterborough at the end of November.

The UK’s leading specialist technical and knowledge exchange event will be packed with advanced agronomy techniques and systems designed to help farmers gather key crop information and process it effectively, as well as the latest developments in crop nutrition, crop protection, crop establishment and crop breeding to help maximise yield and quality and underpin profits.

My Data Plant from Kleffmann Group enables the farmer to monitor fields regularly with the help of satellite data which is used to create field-by field-biomass maps every five days.

These maps enable the grower to identify differentiated growth within the field. The maps along with other indices form the basis of variable fertiliser rate strategies which can be easily created by using the farmer’s chosen fertiliser and average dose rates.

Fertiliser application maps can be created regardless of the existing equipment and are suitable for every technology. Farmers without precision technology can use the Crop Navigator app. This displays the biomass and fertilisation maps on a tablet, which, with the aid of GPS, shows current position and the necessary speed to achieve the recommended application rate.

Users can also create variable rate sowing maps within the My Data Plant online portal.

Hummingbird Technologies will display various aspects of its artificial intelligence business, which uses imagery and data analytics from drone and satellite technology, along with proprietary algorithms, to provide farmers with 2cm/pixel maps of their crops at a canopy level, and at critical decision making junctions in the season.

Hummingbird uses the most advanced machine learning and computer vision techniques, delivering actionable insights on crop health directly to the field.

SOYL is launching four new or improved services for growers at The CropTec Show. A five-year satellite imagery archive will be available for all growers through MySOYL, a cloud-based precision data platform. This will enable growers to look back to assess trends and consider the potential impact on final yield when making nitrogen decisions.

Improvements to iSOYL will reduce the entry cost to precision farming. Growers can be up and running with variable rate applications using just an iPad and SOYL’s iSOYL app. A sprayer or drill can be set up for less than £1,000 a spreader.

New functionality this year in MySOYL makes it easier to manage data scouting collected in the field using iSOYLscout, while significant improvements have also been made to the agronomic models used to calculate variable seed maps, delivering even more precise application.


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