Is a farming revolution imminent?


The Institution of Agricultural Engineers conference will explore whether the revolution is imminent and what are the implications of ‘big data’ for future farming and land based industries.

The conference takes place on the 30th October 2019 at the East of England Arena and Events Centre, Peterborough.

“Throughout this century there has been a rapid rise in the amount of data being collected throughout the agricultural supply chain.  Farmers are gathering huge amounts of data for example, using sensors to analyse soil samples and mobile apps, cameras and drones to monitor pests and diseases.

The UK agricultural industry should be harnessing this data to support future decision-making but experts report that 90 per cent of data collected is wasted.

The conference will explore how ‘big data’ is being used to improve agricultural practices and how farmers and technologists should work together to extract the real value of ‘big data’ and identify future development opportunities,” said Professor Jane Rickson President of IAgrE and Professor of Soil Science at Cranfield University.


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