Kubota introduces autonomous tractor technology to the field


Autonomous driving with Kubota tractors is now a reality. Thanks to a number of innovations and their combination with existing technology, farmers can control up to two current Kubota tractors—such as the L or M7001 series—on the field at the same time. Using remote controls, the driver can steer one unmanned tractor on the field and simultaneously monitor another autonomous tractor on the field, while sitting on yet another autonomous tractor. From a distance he can control all the functions in real time via a monitor.

Together with the Japanese company Topcon and the Kansas State University, USA, Kubota has developed an operations management software specifically for autonomous tractor management. This allows you to plan, control, and monitor each operation of the autonomous vehicle very efficiently and send the data to the tractor.

In order to guarantee complete safety, the tractor is fitted with a range of ISO-certified safety features. Sonar and scanner technologies detect obstacles reliably and fully automatically, if necessary.

A permanently autonomous tractor does not require maximum engine performance because the tractor’s working hours can be extended. Lower engine ratings and lighter weight also allow the tractor to operate under more challenging soil conditions. This contributes to sustainable and environmentally friendly farming, say Kubota.


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