Kverneland has updated its dual-screen Tellus isobus terminal to PRO-specification.


Called Tellus PRO, the unit retains its 12.1in touchscreen format, but now includes a higher definition display along with much more internal computing power.

With advanced hardware and software features, Tellus PRO benefits from quad-core processing power, boosting its capacity and its capability, allowing the terminal to handle much more demanding applications, including automatic steering guidance.

The increased power also affords a faster start-up time – typically less than 30 seconds after powering up – and offers an increased working range from 2km to 10km when using IsoMatch GEOCONTROL.

This 12-inch terminal provides the optimal solution for an all-in-one control system inside the tractor cab. It is the centre for connecting all ISOBUS machines and a platform running precision farming applications and Farm Management Systems. It offers everything you need to get the maximum out of your machines and crops, as well as cost savings in fertiliser, chemicals and seeds by using automatic section control and variable rate control. With the unique dual screen functionality it gives you the opportunity to view and manage two machines and/or processes simultaneously.

IsoMatch Grip is a simple to use, auxiliary device made for easy machine control and efficient farming. Create function commands for your ISOBUS implements as you wish, it is fully configurable. And assignments are saved per machine. The IsoMatch Grip is especially developed to work together with the ISOBUS terminals IsoMatch Tellus, the IsoMatch Tellus GO and the IsoMatch Tellus PRO.


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