Learn more about the latest software developments for crop record keeping at Cereals


The Farmplan team have recently launched Gatekeeper Express Plus, an ideal solution for simple crop and field management available both online and on the go.  At Cereals the Farmplan team will demonstrate these recent software developments and how the latest crop recording solution can help you manage any acreage. Essential processes such as handling agronomist recommendations, setting up fields and job management can be dealt with easily, saving time and effort to manage records.

Precision Farming data management – Farmplan want to enable all farmers taking a precision farming approach to be able to record all their essential data in one hub, Gatekeeper is the ideal tool for such a purpose. Data can provide valuable insight, enabling you to improve crop performance, spot trends and manage rising costs of pesticides and fertilisers with smart decisions based on accurate and timely data. Talk to the team at the show about how you can get started with Gatekeeper.

Farmplan software integrates with all major devices currently on the market, as such you can talk to the team about how you can transfer information between software and your cab, helping you get on with the job at hand and operate a paperless system.

There are numerous opportunities to improve workflows, integration and overall data management on farm. Recent acquisitions within the Proagrica group, of which Farmplan are members, are set to open the door to a better understanding how we can manage our field and crop data, streamline processes and integrate technology to drive efficiencies on the arable farm of tomorrow.


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