New AVR Puma 4.0 connects machine data with the farmer


AVR is introducing its new Puma 4.0 at the upcoming Agritechnica fair.

The four-row potato harvester is the successor of the popular Puma 3 and is now fully cloud connected. The potato harvester manufacturer is launching AVR Connect, a digital platform that visualises all measurements and functionalities. 

To help the modern farmer face the challenges of modern agriculture AVR has fully linked its new Puma with the internet, as illustrated by its fitting name: Puma 4.0. 

The web connectivity indicates that sensors positioned in various locations on the Puma collect data from the field and send them online to the personal user platform AVR Connect. 

The platform can visualise a variety of data including:

•          Trips management: route to and from the fields, harvest duration, waiting times – if any – clearly displayed

•          geofencing, 

•          real time position of the machine 

•          settings and parameters at a distance 

•          remote update option and 

•          live overview of all Puma screens and parameters, with time recording. Some machine settings can also be linked with quality reports when delivering a load of potatoes.

•          integrated yield measurement

The platform can also accommodate other applications and combines this data as well so that they reinforce each other. 

AVR Connect is an open platform allowing, if desired, the sharing of data with other packages through APIs. Link-ups with WatchITgrow, Akkerweb, John Deere Operations Center, etc. will be possible in the near future. 

The yield data of the harvest is collected and displayed on a detailed map to give the farmer an in-depth insight into the efficiency of his field. In addition, the map can also identify the field’s more and less productive zones. The underlying cause can then be determined so the farmer can take action to optimise the yield across the entire surface area. 

Registering a variety of machine data through the AVR Connect platform, such as the output and consumption of the engine, provides the user with a wealth of information on the working conditions. One of the benefits is the fact that this helps dealers and farmers analyse the machine so potential problems can be identified in advance. This makes a custom-tailored service possible.

Last season eight Pumas were connected with the cloud to forward their data over the internet and the test users are very enthusiastic about the results.   


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