New Holland network will distribute the new CNH Industrial Precision Farming aftermarket brand AGXTEND


New Holland Agriculture has announced it will distribute the AGXTEND brand launched by CNH Industrial, focused exclusively on aftermarket precision farming technology solutions. AGXTEND will provide exclusive productivity enhancing precision farming technologies, which will be of benefit throughout the entire cropping cycle.

AGXTEND is the first brand specializing in emerging precision farming and ISOBUS solutions in the agricultural industry to provide customers with comprehensive access to a range of precision farming solutions from strategic partner companies, shortening their time to market, and facilitating wide scale adoption.

New Holland will distribute AGXTEND products and services through its dealer network. A phased rollout is foreseen throughout the first quarter of 2019 across the entire EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) Region and a full suite of services will be available, comprising pre-purchase assistance, training and ongoing support services to facilitate customers with the continual optimization of these technologies.

The AGXTEND range of products can be fully integrated into New Holland Agriculture’s existing PLM precision farming platforms. They are part of a larger range extension program aimed at improving customers’ precision, productivity and profits through best-in-class, easy-to-use technology and advanced farming practices. With these 5 new innovative solutions, New Holland customers will have access to industry-leading solutions in the precision farming industry.

New CropXplorer

The new CropXplorer is more than a simple biomass sensor. It’s a true system that uses exclusive features and algorithms to determine fertilization rate based on crop needs.

The two high accuracy optical sensors can capture both biomass and N needs of crops, while the exclusive Map + Overlay mode allows farmers to use yield potential maps in combination with sensors on-the-go measurements.

–           It can be mounted on a standard 3 points hitch or front weight;

–           No calibration is required;

–           It features a dedicated terminal compatible with ISOBUS fertilizer spreaders as well as most

of the non-ISOBUS fertilizer spreaders capable of VRA.

New SoilXplorer

The new SoilXplorer is the soil sensor that allows customers to explore and discover the full potential of their soils.

It consists of a contactless soil sensor using electromagnetism to measure soil conductivity at 4 different depths: 0-25cm, 15-60cm, 55-95cm, 85-115cm.

These very accurate measurements can be used for two main Precision Farming purposes:

–           Accurate soil mapping to record soil heterogeneity and determine soil type maps and relative water content maps;

–           Variable depth soil cultivation determines depth of compaction areas and controls the working depth of tillage implements to work at full depth only where it is needed.

New NIR sensor

The new crop NIR sensor can be mounted on all types of equipment: forage harvesters, combines, balers and slurry tankers.

When used on harvesting machines, it allows farmers to determine yield moisture as well as crop constituents, including ADF (Acid Detergent Fiber), NDF (Neutral Detergent Fiber), Starch, Ash and Crude Fat.

All these parameters deliver precious data in order to optimize both the selling price of customers’ harvest and cattle nutrition for dairy production.

Used on a slurry tanker, this sensor allows farmers to monitor the amount of Nitrogen applied in their fields, resulting in a better use of slurry for fertilization, environmental protection and reduced slurry transport costs.

New Xpower –

The new Xpower is the electro-herbicide that allows farmers to replace chemicals with electricity for weeding and pre-harvest desiccation of crops. Electricity is an efficient, effective and environment-friendly method for weeding, since it’s capable of destructing the complete plant down to the roots, without spreading potentially harmful chemicals on the crops. It consists of a couple of applicators getting in contact with the weeds to burn them. Effect of electricity on treated vegetables is visible only after a few hours. Application booms are available in different working width from 1.2 to 3m.

New FarmXtend App  

The new FarmXtend App is a smart weather application working with a complete set of connected sensors. It enables farmers to monitor in-field weather data and supports a smart decision making process.

The connected weather sensors are:

–           WeatherXact Connected Weather Station, sensing temperature and humidity at a height of 1m and at crop level;

–           RainXact, a connected rain gauge;

–           SoilXact, to record soil moisture and temperature at different depths.

What makes the new FarmXtend App very special is the powerful algorithms included: they can determine disease pressure (based on temperature and humidity) for a variety of crops as well as optimal time for spraying.


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