New industry-leading biomass satellite imagery now part of MySOYL


Precision farming market leader, SOYL has upgraded its MySOYL farm data management tool to feature innovative satellite imagery for more accurate data analysis.

Having already received an impressive update in recent months, SOYL’s web-based management tool, MySOYL, now gathers near real-time satellite imagery as a way to monitor any field’s crop performance over time, in conjunction with all the other precision data layers.

These real-time images are acquired from satellites and then processed to show the variation in crop biomass across multiple fields. Each image is effectively a form of qualitative real-time data, with the only delay being the minimal time it takes for it to reach the MySOYL application from the satellite itself.

SOYL’s head of products and technology, Tom Parker explains, “Any SOYL customer with fields recorded in the MySOYL system can view images taken at any time in the last five years. These could show any combination of farms, fields or crops and offer an innovative way of exploring crop variation.”

While this is a completely new way of utilising satellite imagery, SOYL has been using these types of images commercially for over ten years with their variable rate nitrogen and plant growth regulator services.


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