New interface developed to control Sulky Progress drill


SULKY has launched a new interface, WISO, developed to control the PROGRESS drill. Available on SULKY’s ISOBUS QUARTZ console, iPad, or through the tractor’s own compatible ISOBUS console, the WISO interface provides access to all drill functions.

Operators who use WISO on an iPad over Wi-Fi will be able to control the drill from outside the cab, making it easier to perform calibration tests.

Precision placement is a key feature of the PROGRESS drill. Operators can use GPS positioning to manage the automatic metering devices, including stop/start at headlands, and automatic rate adjustment via maps. The drill can also cater for independent maps for each product applied. This advanced tailoring of drill output maximises efficiency, yield and cost management.

SULKY has also improved user ergonomics to allow easier and more accurate calibration when the machine is set up. Centralised operations allow adjustments to rates to be made accurately and quickly.

Operator safety has also been improved. The three hoppers and metering devices can easily be reached via a rear gangway and retractable access platform, and operators handling treated seed or fertiliser products can now wash their hands thanks to a water supply incorporated into the machine.

The PROGRESS P50 seed drill was awarded “Machine of the Year 2019” at SIMA 2019 in the seed drill category, and was shown to International farmers at Agritechnica in November 2019.


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