New KRM Bredal ISObus Fertiliser Spreader


A new KRM Bredal tractor mounted fertiliser spreader is to be introduced for the 2021 season, featuring ISObus control for automatic setting of application rate and spread width up to 40m and with Section Control for accuracy in irregular shaped fields.

Unusual feature of the new Bredal F4W spreader is for fertiliser to be metered by two individual 20cm wide feed belts from the hopper to each disc. This positive feed eliminates the need for agitation, which may cause damage to “softer” prilled materials and always ensures the same rate to each disc. A wide range of products can be metered including prilled and granular fertilisers, straights, blends and more difficult materials such as salts, which cannot be handled by conventional gravity feed machines. Consistent application rate is ensured irrespective of changes in humidity, weather conditions, slope or quality of material.

Two 80cm diameter discs are driven either from the tractor Pto through the simple Bredal twin V-belt drive system, or by an individual hydraulic motor for each disc. The discs spin toward each other to provide a double, double overlap spread pattern with tolerance at working widths from 12m to 40m dependent on material. Carbide coated vanes give high wear resistance, up to three times longer than stainless steel.

To meet the latest environmental standards for headland spreading, a novel reduction gear system has been fitted to one spinning disc drive. Operating a single lever reduces the speed of the disc toward the headland by half to produce an adjustable, sharp cut-off at the field boundary, without affecting the spread pattern into the field. If hydraulic driven discs are chosen, then the left or right disc can be selected from the tractor seat for headland spreading.

For precise metering, each floorbelt is individually driven by a hydraulic motor. Material is then directed to a precise position on each disc for the required rate and spread width by two stainless steel downshutes, each adjusted by a sealed electric actuator.  The floorbelt drive and downshute actuators are controlled by an ISObus job computer, compatible with all ISObus systems which conform to ISO11783. The comprehensive Bredal ISO display allows the operator to select any application rate, at any spread width and for any material directly from the tractor cab. It also enables adjustment of rate on the move and provides warning functions for floorbelt drive, disc speed etc.  The ISObus system is GPS variable rate ready to follow application maps.

To give an accurate spread over the total field area, Headland Section Control is standard on the F4W. This automatically switches on or off the spreading at the correct position when approaching or leaving the headland. In addition, the spread can be adjusted to left or right to match irregular shaped fields or angled headlands. The system operates in up to 12 sections by individually adjusting the rate and spread across the full spread width for more effective and efficient use of crop nutrients.

The new KRM Bredal F4W spreader has a hopper capacity from 1500 litres (approx 1.5ton) to 4000 litres (approx, 4ton), in a choice of high quality powder paint or stainless steel hoppers. Extensive use of stainless steel for key components prevents corrosion for long life use and includes the floorbelt frame with sealed for life, maintenance free floorbelt rollers bearings. 

Standard specification includes weigh cells to monitor the hopper contents with integral tilt sensor for accurate weight reading even on slopes, giving the operator a continuous display of the actual weight of fertiliser in the hopper. Also standard is a hopper access ladder and LED rear lighting. Optional equipment includes hopper extensions, manual or hydraulic opening hopper cover, hydraulically operated headland system and micro-dosing system for slug pellets or cover crops.

Price for the new KRM Bredal F4W fertiliser spreader start at £23450 and will be available for Spring 2021 delivery.


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