New levels of precision from Fendt Crop Protection Solutions


Two years after starting in 2017, the Fendt Crop Protection Solutions team are bringing some new innovations to market – the Fendt OptiNozzle automatic jet control and a new AGCO boom height guidance system.

 In the Fendt Rogator 600 self-propelled series, there is a new top-end 307-hp model and unique single wheel suspension for the Rogator 300 series of towed sprayers. 

The Fendt Rogator 600 series hits new heights with the even more powerful top-end Fendt Rogator 665 model with a maximum power of 307 hp. From 2020, all machines will be equipped with a 6-cylinder in-line engine with a cubic capacity of 7.4 litres. The self-propelled series meets the European emissions standard Stage V thanks to the use of a passive diesel particulate filter. There will also be two new additions to the range of available tyres.

The new Fendt OptiNozzle control system delivers the perfect application results, guaranteed to deliver the selected drift reduction.

The driver defines the output, the degree of drift reduction and a suitable pressure for the optimal drop spectrum. Fendt OptiNozzle then automatically selects the most suitable nozzle or nozzle combination to meet the expected drift reduction during the application, even at changing speeds or output levels. The automatic adjustment of the nozzles or nozzle combination significantly expands the speed range at the application.

With Fendt OptiNozzle is an easy and accurate option for complying with legal requirements and targets for drift reduction, as well as distance requirements, even under varying conditions.

Working with a Fendt Vario that supports the AEF-certified TIM functionality, the towed Fendt Rogator 300 field sprayer can communicate with the tractor via the Tractor Implement Management (TIM) function, for automatic control. 

The plant protection sprayer calculates the optimal speed and accordingly adjusts the nozzle parameters, the preferred drift reduction and output. Depending on the nozzle or nozzle combination used, the field sprayer regulates the speed of the machines to the calculated target speed. This ensures that the product is always applied with the right drift reduction. Active TIM control lets the driver adjust the speed – choosing from the preset speed ranges – and the tandem automatically keeps to the selected speed. At the same time, the sprayer adapts the nozzle or nozzle combination to the new speed. 

From track widths of 1.8 metres, the new hydropneumatic single wheel suspension is available for the Fendt Rogator 300 towed field sprayer. The two hydraulic cylinders cushion the vehicle to increase stability during cornering, in difficult road conditions and on slopes. The suspension significantly reduces the load on the tractor and boom and allows for even higher application accuracy, even at high speeds. 

With the Fendt Stability Control automatic levelling system, the Fendt Rogator 300 guarantees safe use on the hillside and stable road positioning. No matter what the load, the levelling system always provides full suspension to counteract rocking movements.

When driving parallel to the gradient, the single-wheel suspension design also allows a slope compensation of up to 7°, or 12%. Single wheel suspension also comes into play in filling processes with plant protection products, as it allows the Rogator 300 to be automatically levelled for even more accurate filling.

The Fendt Rogator 300 towed sprayer is now offered with booms up to a working width of 36 metres. For transport requirements, the boom folds three times. 

A quick and accurate-response boom height-adjustment system improves the boom positioning and ground adjustment, even at higher speeds. Together with the standard single nozzle circuit, it guarantees maximum application precision and performance. This boom height adjustment is also available on the Fendt Rogator 600 series.

These new features on the Fendt Rogator 600 and Fendt Rogator 300 series will be available from January 2020.


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