New smarter feed pushing robot launched


Named the Moov 2.0 the latest piece of kit is a fully automatic feed pushing robot that is suitable for any barn.

As well as keeping cattle fed during the day, the Moov 2.0 also works through the night while the farmer enjoys a good night’s sleep.

As a result, the lower ranking cows can also access fresh feed 24/7 which can reduce selection and also helps to reduce tension in the herd as the animals know that feed is readily available whenever they want it.

The Moov 2.0 starts its route from the charging station which can either be placed inside or outside the barn. The robot is programmed with the specific route it has to take around the barn. The farmer can set an unlimited number of routes for various groups of livestock. 

The robot relies on transponder technology to define its position. These transponders are drilled into the floor and neatly concealed, so they don’t form an obstacle to any other activities in the barn.

The smooth stainless steel drum of the Moov 2.0 is electrically powered, and works neatly. The new robot is characterised by its robustness, weight and smart drive technology, and the way it deals with uneven quantities of feed by the fence. 

The heavy robot can rotate left and right as standard, so it can return along the same route when it reaches the end of the feed alley. This makes it even easier and more efficient to determine the routes to be taken.

As Moov 2.0 ensures a constant fresh supply of feed, there is less selection from the animals resulting in a higher average feed efficiency and the quantity of milk per kg of dry matter intake should also increase.  

The Moov 2.0 feed pusher robot is suitable for every barn, big or small, and has a speed of no less than 12 metres per minute. The robot’s wheels are powered by two motors with efficient hypoid gearboxes. A special profile on the wheels and a large castor at the front of the robot help to maximise grip in the barn.

There is also a parking function on the machine that allows the operator to temporarily park the feed pusher robot at a different location to free up space in the barn for other activities.

Three models of the Moov 2.0 are available: Standard model; model with skirt lift function and model with skirt lift function and door opening (available May 2021).

Key features on the Moov 2.0 include:

Speed: 12 metres/minute

Electrically driven drum

Stainless steel drum

Direct drive on the wheels thanks to hypoid drive system

Special profile on the wheels

Castor: 140 mm

Transponders and teach-in principle

Weight: 680 kg

J-Touch control

Connection with JMS via J-Link pro

The turning direction of the drum is clockwise or anti-clockwise. This can be modified as required.

Robot height: 1013 mm

Drum diameter: 1316 mm (left to right)

Drum diameter: 1280 mm (front to back)


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