No more trips over the weighbridge


John Deere has introduced four new S700 Series rotary combines, which they reckon have the most advanced grain harvesting technology from front to back.

Part of this launch is Active Yield, an on board crop weighing system. Unlike traditional calibration on either a crop, variety or field basis, which involved taking the first tankful off the combine, over the weighbridge and then calculating yield by multiplying the original moisture adjusted weight, this works in real time.

Every tank of grain is weighed using three weigh cells in the grain tank floor, working in conjunction with the moisture and mass flow sensors situated at the top of the clean grain elevator to adjust the weight for moisture content. The unit effectively calibrates itself throughout the harvesting operation as moisture content and specific weight of the crop changes, across the field and throughout the day.

It is also designed to compensate for shifting grain when harvesting on slopes or if the combine stops.


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