Nuffield Farming is accepting applications for 2021 Scholarships


The Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust (NFST) has announced that they will be awarding 2021 Scholarships and are still accepting online applications.

The Trust will support Nuffield Farming Scholars to meet the unique challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic as they complete their Scholarship studies in the coming years.

“This crisis will undoubtedly affect how our Scholars study and travel for the next few years,” said Mike Vacher, Director of the Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust. “However, the Trust will be flexible and ensure that every Scholar receives the support and resources necessary to complete their study.

“Nuffield Farming Scholars are innovative and imaginative about the way they do things and we know candidates will step up to the new challenges posed by Covid-19. Our Scholars are leaders in the industry with an ability to change and make things happen in different ways.

“Our Trustees continue to monitor this situation closely, and we will remain in close contact with applicants regarding questions and to make future announcements,” he added.

Applications for 2021 Nuffield Farming Scholarship are available online at

Scholarship Eligibility

·        Applicants must work within the farming, food, horticulture, rural and associated industries or are in a position to influence these industries.

·        Applicants must be aged between 22 and 45 years (the upper age limit is 45 on 31st July in the year of application).

·        There is no requirement for academic qualifications, but applicants will already be well established in their career and demonstrate a passion for the industry they work in and be three years post-tertiary education.

·        Candidates must be resident in the UK and hold a UK passport or be working directly for UK agriculture.

·        Scholarships are not awarded to anyone in full-time education or to further research projects.


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