Petiole android app shows plant chlorophyll content in a few taps


Petiole, the precision agriculture technology company, has created an android app which will allow growers to see plant leaf surface and chlorophyll content in just a few taps.

The app monitors the dynamics of plant growth using leaf-area measurement, helping to understand how a plant reacts to different factors (weather, growth promoters for example). It allows users to quantify leaf greenness and make predictions and observations about disease prevalence in the leaf at the touch of a button.

It measures the plant leaf area and chlorophyll content using a camera on a mobile phone. The information gathered can be used to help agronomists, agricultural scientists, crop-protection and seed companies to get more valuable plants, yields and insights.

The technology is unique to Petiole and has been developed for Android phones. The mobile application can be downloaded for free from Google Play.


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