Precision farming guidance from Topcon and LH Agro for McCormick tractors


A new global partnership between Argo Tractors and Topcon Agriculture, one of the world’s leading precision farming technology companies, is streamlining the selection, purchase and installation of satellite guidance and related products on McCormick tractors.

The agreement ensures that the tractors assembled in Argo’s factories are correctly equipped and configured to work seamlessly with Topcon Agriculture products for different levels of precision guidance using a choice of solutions.

These range from a dedicated touch-screen guidance console to a multi-role precision farming console with section and rate control, plus wireless data transfer to cloud-based farm records.

In Britain, the agreement has paved the way for a commercial partnership between McCormick distributor AgriArgo and LH Agro Ltd, Topcon’s authorised distributor for England, Scotland and Wales.

A similar partnership has been forged between AgriArgo and Topcon Ireland in Dublin and Topcon Northern Ireland, Toome, Co Antrim.

Ray Spinks, AgriArgo managing director, says the new partnerships ensure that McCormick tractor users have access to sound technical advice and a range of top-quality precision farming products to suit different applications.

“The LH Agro team in Britain and Topcon’s precision agriculture specialists in Ireland have the technical know-how and service back-up resources that are essential for these very specialised products,” he points out.

“Farmers and contractors running McCormick tractors can therefore exploit the productivity benefits of Topcon’s precision farming systems with great confidence.”

Topcon and LH Agro precision agriculture specialists are available to provide pre-sales advice on the best system for individual customer needs before installing and commissioning the chosen Topcon solution once the tractor has been delivered.

Thereafter, they will provide 24hr technical support, an exceptional level of back-up that includes temporarily supplying a replacement console if necessary to keep tractors working on time-critical field operations.

Customers wishing to retro-fit or have a Topcon guidance system installed on a new tractor will place the order with their McCormick dealer for LH Agro in Britain and Topcon Precision Agriculture in Ireland to action.

On new tractors, the cost of the precision farming system can be covered by any financing agreement arranged through Argo Finance.

All McCormick X8 VT-Drive and Premium-spec McCormick X7 tractors are now optionally available from the factory guidance-ready with the necessary hardware and electronic connections installed; this option will be introduced for other McCormick models over time.

Topcon products include the X14 dedicated guidance console with 4.3in touch-screen for simple visual to top-spec high-definition RTK auto steering, and the X25 8.4in colour touch-screen console for guidance with mapping, data management and single- or variable-rate application control for sprayers, fertiliser spreaders and drills.

The range-topping Topcon X35 is a 12.1in colour touch-screen console for guidance, auto section and variable-rate control, camera feeds and ISOBUS implement control.

Its display can be duplicated on iOS or Android devices using the XTEND feature, and wireless data transfer is available through the Topcon Mobile AG cloud-based platform.

For McCormick tractors already in service, Topcon’s AES-35 steering wheel drive unit plus one of the consoles will provide a simple retro-fit solution that is easily transferred to other vehicles.

All these systems can be operated with a choice of satellite signal correction packages giving levels of precision and repeatability appropriate to different applications and user expectations.


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