Redesigned Condor from Agrifac


Agrifac has redesigned its Condor Endurance self-propelled sprayer, which was first launched in 2015. The new Condor Endurance II comes to market after the original-series machines have completed more than 7.5 million hectares.

The Dutch manufacturer has been working closely with its customers, and their feedback, combined with the company’s vision of future quality spraying, has resulted in an entirely new and innovative self-propelled sprayer. Like its predecessor, it has a tank capacity of 8,000 litres and booms from 24m to 55m, but it now also includes innovative features such as being able to drive up to 60km/hr and completely new spray and control systems.

In developing the Condor Endurance II, Agrifac had comfort, simplicity and quality in mind. This includes quality of life for the owner and driver through ease of operation, quality spraying, driving comfort, ease of maintenance and, therefore, low operating costs. The environment hasn’t been ignored, and here the main focus lies with chemical savings, clean working areas and compact-build liquid systems.

On a more practical side, the sprayers have been divided into different zones. The front part of the sprayer, around and below the cab, is the only area used for filling, whether it’s using the induction hopper or filling the main tank, clean water tank, diesel or AdBlue, it’s all done in the same area.

Tyres up to 230cm in diameter mean the sprayer has a larger and more soil-friendly footprint.

The centre of the sprayer contains tanks and storage, and the back of the sprayer has the pump systems and electronics for easy maintenance. All of them are situated in such a way that the operator’s work is always clean and safe, both during spraying and maintenance, without the risks of contamination and errors.

The wiring loom and the hoses are on separate sides of the machine for preventing the risk of a short circuit. The mounting process of hydraulic hoses makes the wheel assembly narroweer for better protection of the crop. The new LED light package, meanwhile, is set up for both illumination when driving at high speeds, and with a wide light array to see what’s happening around the sprayer in work.

The turning mudguards follow the wheels while steering, and the suspended cab is made for the ultimate ride and great ergonomic environment with a great all-around view.

The Condor Endurance II is equipped with Agrifac’s new EcoTronicPlus II fully integrated armrest and a joystick for maximum ease-of-use and productivity. This armrest is designed solely for spraying, and perfectly optimised to get the job done; it is ergonomic and simple to operate. There’s one screen in the cab for both spraying and GPS, which has the benefit of improved user-friendliness.

The screen is not only used to operate the machine, but also for GPS section control, road navigation and route planning. Based on the activity that is being carried out, only relevant information is visible.

The Endurance II is equipped with Agrifac’s StabiloPlus chassis. This was developed for one purpose, self-propelled spraying. StabiloPlus gives the machine excellent stability, allowing it to to drive on steep slopes while maintaining great ground clearance of 138cm. Moreover, it ensures stability of the boom. With the addition of the fully suspended cab, mounted on a specially designed suspension frame, ride on the road and in the field is exceptional.

The new Condor Endurance II is available with track widths that vary from 190cm to 460cm. All models have a standard track width adjustment of 100cm. This, combined with the increased clearance of 138cm, make the sprayer even more versatile. Its maximum clearance is due to the new design of the chassis, as well as the possibility to mount tyres with a diameter of up to 230cm. Despite the tall and wide tires, the turning circle is still the same as on the Agrifac Condor, the little brother of the Condor Endurance.

The benefit of higher clearance and tight turning radius is less crop damage at the spray tracks and, therefore, higher yields. Large diameter tyres also ensure a larger footprint, which results in a lower pressure on the soil. This means the Condor Endurance II filled with 8,000 litres has less impact on the soil compared to other machines available on the market.


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