Round baler controls tractor


Krone is the first round baler manufacturer to receive AEF certification (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation) for implementing TIM (Tractor Implement Management) on their Fortima, Comprima and VariPack balers. The certification comes as official confirmation that Krone round balers are approved of and able control the tractor. The technology turns the tractor baler combination into one single operating unit, thus making the Krone round balers even more efficient.

And this is how the baler and the tractor communicate: as soon as the bale chamber is filled, the tractor is stopped by TIM. Then the net is fed into the chamber; after wrapping is completed, the rear door opens and the bale is unloaded. As a last step, the door closes again. All these functions are carried out automatically and sequence-controlled by TIM. As a result, the stops to unload the bale are shorter and throughput of the baler is even further enhanced. With all processes being carried out in exactly the same way, the baler produces consistent and uniform bales of maximum densities. In addition, this technology clearly reduces operator strain, as the tractor driver can concentrate on the actual driving.

“This AEF certification shows once again that digitisation is advancing and assuming an ever bigger importance in the industry,” explains Jan Horstmann, division head of electronic system development at Krone. “With the tractor and baler communicating with each other, the baler is operated like a self-propelled machine with the effect of increased efficiency and throughput. Another key feature of our balers is the universal interface that allows them to communicate with all tractor brands that are TIM certified by AEF.”


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