Silver Agritechnica medal goes to Agxtend for its new IOSBus concept Isomax


Agxtend, a CNH Industrial brand has been awarded a Silver medal for its new Isobus concept Isomax.  The Isomax technology is facilitating networked agriculture as it facilitates cross-system working and significantly simplifies digital processes in agriculture.

By simplifying field work and administrative tasks – including reducing data processing times, overall productivity and efficiency are increased with resultant benefits to the world’s farmers and agribusinesses.

The new Isomax solution seeks to facilitate the adoption of Isobus as the worldwide standard for all agricultural machinery.  This system delivers the complete solution, from the plug to the ECU. All hardware is AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation) certified, all software is open source, and the system is compatible with all brands.

Isomax enables, farmers, contractors and agricultural machinery dealers to benefit directly from the Isobus platform. So far, agricultural machinery manufacturers and software development companies have used the Isobus protocol. With Isomax, Agxtend enables every user to access the Isobus community.

“In order to make Isobus the long-term standard in the agricultural sector, the system must be constantly developed and adapted. Isobus must become a system integrator in order to not become obsolete, and new combinations of Isobus platforms and connected sensor systems are an integral part of its evolution. Isomax has a key role to play, explains Maximilian Birle, Head of Product Management, Agxtend. “Thanks to the Isobus development kit (dev kit), development costs can be reduced by more than 90 %. The programming box facilitates access to the Isobus system for schools and universities to promote innovations.”

The dev-kit is based on an ESP32 developer board, and this 32-bit system offers all necessary interfaces to make disruptive developments directly accessible to customers.

Isomax helps simplify a whole range of ‘machine’ tasks, machinery sales, recording of working hours, comfortable operation or special solutions. Features include:

• Connect ID: which automatically recognizes attachments without screen input, makes it more user-friendly than previous systems which require with manual data entry, or are not compatible with certain brands of equipment. Thanks to the ISOBUS data logger, data is recorded automatically, saving working time and improving operational convenience.

• Built-in MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) sensor, automatically and accurately documents working and driving hours, assisting in the calculation of accurate resale machinery values.

• Geo-based data recording simplifies the use of precision farming solutions. This system saves the GPS dimensions of the attachment for use with the steering system, which reduces fuel consumption and working time, through accurate field coverage by eliminating under and overlaps.

• The brand-independent Iso Ecu is the heart of Isomax, and offers not only Isobus, but through WIFI and Bluetooth technology it enables direct access to web servers, routers and smartphones.

Isomax will be available from November 2019 onwards via Agxtend certified dealers.


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