Spotlight on Greenlight Grower Management from Muddy Boots at LAMMA 2018


Muddy Boots is showcasing its Greenlight Grower Management software at LAMMA 2018, which now has a wealth of new features that have been developed over the past 12 months. These new features include fertiliser plans, farm financials, input product ordering, price list integrations, harvest functionality, weather forecasting, multi-field cropping, templates and copy functions to make it faster to input multiple inspections or recommendations.

“Our system is widely recognised as the most comprehensive crop recording software for both agronomists and farmers,” explains Senior Business Development Manager, Paul Thomas.

“Growers who are already using our new secure cloud-based system, Greenlight Grower Management, can now integrate data with internal systems to prevent duplication, provide more efficient and rapid management decision-making, and easily share selected data with different stakeholders.

This includes activities like product ordering, price list integrations, CRM information etc. where up-to-date information is required (often from remote locations or out in the field) in order to make time sensitive or critical decisions. This will become increasingly important where there is greater reliance on precision farming and machinery integration which produces larger and more complex data files that need to be accessed and shared.”

Growers have a full view of all farming activity, presented over a Google map and indicating any pests or diseases that may be present on a field. Growers and agronomists have full visibility on what activity has been carried out to rectify problems and can use the geo-located inspections to revisit and confirm effectiveness of treatments. They can also now manage all financial aspects of the business through Greenlight Grower Management, something previously unavailable.

“No other farm based software program or app offers the breadth of functionality and detail that Greenlight Grower Management does,” explains Paul Thomas. “And all of this information can be easily shared with other stakeholders. Greenlight Grower Management is cloud-based and available on iPhone and iPad, providing access to data and decision making even when offline. It is the most versatile and mobile farm management system in the UK.”

With support for CropWalker ceasing at the end of 2018, Muddy Boots has accelerated development of key items and is transitioning users across to Greenlight Grower Management.

Farmers and Agronomists can manage their entire cropping and farm with Greenlight Grower Management. Out of the box, agronomists can inspect crops, create a plan and recommendation, right there in the field and then even place an order with their ag-chem supplier of choice. This can all be shared with the farmer and contactor without even leaving the field.

You can test the full range of Greenlight Grower Management’s features on stand 755 at LAMMA 2018. You’ll also be able to start a free trial, or sign up and leave with a fully functional system ready for the new season.


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