Sulky showed off its spreading curves at the Royal Highland Show


Visitors to the Sulky-Burel stand at the Royal Highland Show witnessed the curved distribution pattern of a Sulky 24m spreader which demonstrated the uniquely-curved pattern that the company’s GPS Econov spreaders employ to ensure even and consistent fertiliser distribution.

All fertiliser applicators, using centrifugal mechanisms, spread product in a crescent shaped curve, not a straight line. Sulky is the only manufacturer that manages this shape from its ISOBUS (QUARTZ 800) and non-ISOBUS (Matrix 840 GS) terminals. The smart technology, developed by Sulky, avoids over and under-application of fertiliser on headlands and in triangular shaped fields.

ECONOV has a working width that can be varied from 12 to 44m wide and options for payloads up to three tonnes.

“We have used digital technology to enhance the accuracy of our spreading patterns,” says Robert Thurkettle, Managing Director of Sulky-Burel UK. “By working with the natural shape of spreading ‘crescents’ we offer farmers peace of mind through our ECONOV technology. Savings can be achieved in fertiliser costs, and with more even distribution across a field, areas of over/under application are removed and crop variability reduced.

“Quite simply, we are helping farmers strengthen how they manage their profitability.”


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