Sulky’s XT Econov trailed fertiliser spreader gets ISOBUS connectivity and greater capacity


Sulky Burel’s XT range of trailed fertiliser spreaders has been enhanced by the addition of Isobus connectivity in its Econov models.  The range also benefits from a new model, the XT 160, which offers capacity up to 13,000 litres.

The addition of Isobus connectivity to Sulky’s trailer spreader range allows farmers with high capacity needs to benefit from the manufacturer’s precision placement technology used on its mounted spreader ranges.

The XT Econov Isobus trailed spreader range is now available in three capacities:  7,200 (XT100), 9,500 (XT 130) and 13,000 litres (XT 160) with working widths of up to 50 metres for granular products.

The new range offers 12 spreading sections whatever the working width, with all possible closure combinations.

The unique curve-shaped spread distribution is exclusive to Sulky and allows excellent control over rate and targeted application, right into the corners and edges of the field.  Application can be modulated on the right and left sides independently.

Optimal distribution using Sulky@s Econov technology can result in fertiliser saving of up to 15%.

The new XT Isobus sofrware interface is simple and intuitive.  It offers farmers a sleek, easy to read display featuring universal pictograms and is more ergonomic to use.

To complement the improved Isobus functionality of the EXT Econov range, farmers can opt for Sulky’s Isobus Quartz 800 terminal to optimise fertiliser spreading and application management.

The XT is licenced for use on public roads with a full hopper (according to the regulations of the country in which it is used).  The XT 130 version has received European homologation for use at 40 km/h.


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