The new Amazone UX 01 trailed sprayer debuts at Cereals 2018


The two main requirements in a sprayer are the ability to quickly get that tank mix on board and then to apply that chemical accurately to the target.

The new UX 01 series trailed sprayers fulfils both those demands with aplomb! It is available in tank sizes of 4,200, 5,200 and 6,200 nominal volume. The underbelly of the sprayer is completely smooth to prevent crop damage and the tanks are designed to have a low centre of gravity and are shaped to offer surge-free operation that ensures both the highest safety on the road and the utmost stability in the field. The new 28° steering axle provides the tightest of turns for use in row crops and potatoes. Load-sensing, anti-lock brakes come as part of the air-braking package and the sprayer is kept in the tractor track by the automatically hillside compensating, AutoTrail system that avoids crop damage and eases operator stress.

Underneath the smart, practical grey dirt covers, the new illuminated operator station features, in its Comfort-Pack plus format, a pressure-actuated touchscreen that can be operated even with gauntlets. The pre-loaded fill programmes enable the driver to automatically run and pause the filling operation depending on complexity of the tank mix.

The new 60 litre induction bowl has been designed to induct both dry powders and liquids with the venturi system pulling liquid out of the bowl at an exceptional 200 l/min. The can wash has a two level function to improve can neck cleaning and the induction bowl lid forms a stable work platform for spray canister draining and conveniently holding the measuring jug. The induction bowl is automatically cleaned every time it is stowed back into the transport position. Tank agitation is controlled automatically and is dependent on tank level and, for high output spaying, the agitation system can be paused to prioritise the boom and then the system reactivated when a section is switched off or the sprayer slows down. Cleaning of the complete sprayer is all carried out automatically via the in-cab terminal.

The 27m to 40 m Super-L2 booms are folded out 40% faster than the current offering using the new Flex-fold system with potentiometers controlling the fold-out sequence. With an eye on accuracy of application, the all new ContourControl boom guidance system keeps the nozzle at the target height above crop using a live, electro-hydraulic control system. The height of the crop is picked up via 6 ultrasound sensors with the centre section and the left and right hand booms all being controlled individually of each other. The contour following then reacts instantaneously, with the movement being either negative or positive depending on the topography of the field being sprayed.

Alongside ContourControl, the new SwingStop system, which is also controlled via an active, electro-hydraulic system, utilises acceleration sensors to sense the speed of the boom tips and then releases oil into the damping system to control the amount of horizontal movement thus keeping the boom tips stable at all times. This incredible system prevents over- and under-spray caused by the boom ends going faster or slower than the vehicle speed. Individual nozzle shut-off is provided by either by AmaSwitch or AmaSelect and an option of 25cm nozzle spacing is available for those looking to spray at a lower boom height of 37cm using 80° flat fan nozzles.


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