Trailblazer-Pro Makes Debut


Knight Farm Machinery is further improving its flagship TrailBlazer range of trailed sprayers with the introduction of the ‘PRO’ range, which adds a number of innovations, including fitting all machines with a sprung drawbar.

Other Trailblazer-Pro innovations include design and equipment upgrades and a range of ideas that will benefit operators.

Offering a sprung drawbar means the sprayer now matches the tractor pulling it, says David Main, Sales Manager:

“This provides some greater forgiveness between the tractor and the sprayer which will ensure a more even ride and possibly faster travel speeds on the road. It will also protect the sprayer against some of the stresses it will be subjected to in work”.

Other innovations include simplified plumbing, an air purge system, auto-clean water tank fill and a new induction hopper that aid effective cleaning the machine after work, and minimise risks to both the operator and environment.

Moving the pump and filters to the back of the chassis – immediately adjacent to the boom – simplifies the machine’s plumbing and reduces the pipework by several metres, which minimises the residual volume of liquid left in the system.

Combined with a new air purge system that enables operators to return any liquid remaining in the supply pipe to the storage tank when filling is complete, this greatly reduces wastage and spill risks.

And at the end of spraying the system can be used to purge the boom and all pipework, so any remaining spray solution is safely discharged onto the cropped area.

The range’s new mixing hopper is circular rather than rectangular, which aids more efficient mixing and cleaning.

All machines feature the company’s Fluid Control Pro system, which enables operators to control filling, spraying and washing out functions, either when standing at the filling station or from the tractor cab.

The ISOBUS integrated display at the filling station displays information like application rates, field size and % overlap, and uses that information to calculate the volume of product needed and manage the filling operation, allowing the operator to concentrate on loading the chemical.

Many customers can attest to the time saving offered by Knight’s boom-mounted nozzle checking and cleaning system. The kit includes all main consumable spares and the protective equipment the operator needs to use to fit them.

It features a pneumatic system to clean out blocked nozzles and a ‘remote control key fob’ to enable operators to test cleaned nozzles while standing at the boom, rather than having to replace it and return to the tractor/sprayer cab to complete the task. The kit costs from £495 depending on boom width.

KNIGHT is also introducing a new LED under-boom lighting system, which uses powerful BlueBeam LED spot lights with 2,700 effective lumen, which enable operators monitor spraying in low light conditions and enable them to make best use of available working windows.

For sprayers up to 24m two lights are fitted to the machine’s back frame (total cost £353), while for wider machines another pair of lights is added half way along the beam (£706).

Trailblazer-Pro recommended price from £78,303 for a 3,600 litre tank and 24 metre boom.


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