Valtra shows new SmartGlass to improve user experience and safety at Agritechnica


Valtra, a brand of AGCO, is introducing a unique SmartGlass windscreen with a transparent display for agricultural tractors at Agritechnica. The robust and bright display technology, laminated inside the front glass is a great way to improve the user experience while operating the tractor even in the most demanding operating conditions.

“Tractor drivers need to pay attention to many things while operating the tractor. They have to observe surroundings, watch and control tractor implements, follow work results and be aware of the machine’s status. Valtra SmartGlass with transparent display gives the most important information in an optimal location to improve safety and ergonomics of tractor operation”, says Brandon Montgomery, Platform Director, Product Management, Valtra.

The display can be used to show various different information depending on the work task under progress, like machine or engine speed, temperature of engine/hydraulics, position information of front loader, implement height position, fuel/def level, several other machine data and information on ringing mobile phone.

In the future the display will support more advanced features designed specially to improve tractor safety and working efficiency. Such as:

– Alert of car passing by on road transport
– Alert persons nearby tractor on farm yard
– Alert nearby obstacles during low visibility conditions
– Alert on driving machine to dangerously slope ground
– Other functionalities connected with Agco Fuse technologies, i.e. Field driving guide

Valtra SmartGlass will be available in N and T Series models as an ‘Unlimited’ option. The machine data functionality is expected to be on the market within 12 months and more advanced features are planned for the future.


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