Veenhuis Machines BV wins Ivel Award for Innovation


Veenhuis Machines BV, distributed by Agri Industry Solutions have won the IVEL award from the Institution of Agricultural Engineers for its Nutriflow real-time slurry analysis system.

The system allows the monitoring of NPK and ammonia levels in real time during application, thus giving growers accurate applications of nutrients to the crops with liquid manures and digestates, moving away from volumetric spread rates based on samples from lagoons or tanks.

This both adds value to the product, improves confidence in nutrient delivery whilst ensuring the environment is protected from over-application and potential Nitrate leaching.

“Whilst at LAMMA we also received a sliver ‘future innovation’ award for the Nutriflow System combined with the Rotomax, our unique umbilical reel system that solves many of the problems of traditional umbilical application methods, whilst maintaining a light footprint and low ammonia loss disc application,” said John Crooks of Agri Industry Solutions.

Alastair Taylor, CEO of IAgrE said, “As precision farming advances it’s great to see technologies being developed to measure the nutrient value of slurry.  This allows precision application as part of a wider farm nutrient plan.  We should not underestimate the technological and engineering skills required to develop a product such as this.”


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