Developing to Inspire – an Agri-Tech Week Event hosted by Rothamsted Enterprises


Rothamsted Enterprises has announced an inspiring new event which takes place in November as part of Agri-Tech Week. 

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about some of the most cutting-edge innovations in Agri-Tech and how funding from various funding schemes at the right time helped these innovations to develop. Visitors will watch pitches from entrepreneurs and innovators who have been successful to really understand the impact that the various funding streams have had. 

The world-leading institutes of Rothamsted Research and the University of Hertfordshire have joined forces on the event, designed to inspire, motivate and enable collaboration to tackle society’s grand challenges. 

The event forms part of Agri-Tech East’s Agri-Tech Week and will be hosted at Rothamsted Conference Centre on 5th November. It will bring together scientists, entrepreneurs, students and farmers to discuss Agri-Tech innovation, including cutting-edge ways to tackle climate change, accelerators of agricultural innovation and how to embrace emerging farm-led technologies. 

The event is supported by The Green Triangle, an award-winning partnership between the Buildings Research Establishment (BRE), Rothamsted Research, The University of Hertfordshire and St Albans City and District Council who have committed to providing an infrastructure to link green research, science, engineering and technology enterprises.

Rothamsted Enterprises CEO Nicole Sadd commented: “We are delighted to be hosting ‘Developing to Inspire’ here at Rothamsted at such a critical time for climate change and global agriculture. With our partners at the University of Hertfordshire, Agri-Tech East and The Green Triangle, we aim to enable a new wave of entrepreneurs to address some of the most pressing challenges facing our society.”

BASIS points will be available for attendees.

For more information, please contact Asmaa Shariff, Head of Client Services and Innovation Programmes at Rothamsted Enterprises on 01582 938500 or email

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