Major step towards autonomous driving


Valtra and Elisa have joined forces to innovate a 5G solution which enables the remote operation of a tractor with the 5G network and a 360 camera. The solution is the first of its kind in the world. 

In March, Valtra and Elisa unveiled a remote-controlled tractor, utilising new-generation 5G network technology. The collaboration was featured at the opening event of the Elisa 5G Showroom. The prototype solution enables the real-time, safe control and operation of a tractor hundreds of kilometres away. “Radio-controlled tractors have been in use for years, but it’s always meant staying within sight of the machine. 5G revolutionises this, as now a tractor can be driven remotely from anywhere,” says Mikko Lehikoinen, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Valtra.

“Elisa is a forerunner in 5G technology, both in Finland and internationally. The remote-controlled tractor that’s been developed together with Valtra and introduced at Elisa 5G Showroom has generated a lot of interest. 5G services and solutions are going to bring efficiency and innovative new ways of operating for businesses and people. The remote-controlled tractor is a very real example of this, as the driver no longer needs to physically sit in the cab. We want to build a sustainable future through digitalisation, and developing 5G services is part of making that a reality,” says Kimmo Pentikäinen, Vice President, Business Development at Elisa.


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