Agreement announced between Confagricoltura and Topcon Agriculture for Precision Farming


Topcon Agriculture and Confagricoltura have announced a partnership agreement aiming towards the implementation and diffusion of precision farmng in Italy. The agreement was signed by Massimliano Giansanti, president of Confagricoltura and Fabio Isaia, CEO of Topcn Agriculture S.p.A.

Giansanti and Isaia issued a joint statement: “Ours is a strategic agreement that aims to make precision farming, together with the latest digital technologies, available to all cultivators and to have a synergetic development of advanced solutions to support the farmer’s decision-making process.

“Precision agriculture and animal feeding are new managing concepts based mainly on data acquistion for production and crop care. This is a fundamental innovation for the wealth of the farm by providing positive influence on the economic, environmental and social sustainability both for the agricultural enterprise and the different production segments. These innovative techniques facilitate higher productivity, cost containment and reduction of the environmental impact together with more comfortable working conditions.

“We are facing a third “Green Revolution” through the adoption of precision agriculture.”

Isaia said, “Topcon Agriculture is engaged in the continuous development of technologies and methodologies aimed at precision agriculture and agriculture 4.0. In 2017, the Topcon Agriculture world headquarters opened in Turin, Italy- a strategic choice determined by the desire to focus attention on the specific needs of European agriculture with implied benefits for the italian market as well.

“Topcon’s commitment is to provide the sector with innovative solutions and technologies, which go hand in hand with the needs of modern agriculture that are user-friendly and able to improve the decision-making process, efficiency and productivity, giving our contribution to solving the challenges that companies face.”

“From the first meeting, we realized that our development goals matched the vision of Confagricoltura: of a more evolved and sustainable agriculture, thanks to technologies that can be applied – with the due adaptations – to the agricultural enterprises of the old continent.”

Giansanti said, “We are actively working on the development of modern, competitive and sustainable supply chains and in this spirit, innovation plays a decisive role. For this reason, investments in innovation, research and digitization in agriculture must be encouraged. These are the necessary conditions to guarantee a competitive and sustainable future for the sector. And in this context, there is the need for the main crops and geographical areas to develop technological solutions based on the real technical and managerial needs of agricultural entrepreneurs.”

Topcon Agriculture and Confagricoltura will work in synergy to promote the benefits deriving from the adoption of precision agriculture and animal feeding technologies amongst others through a network of demonstration farms, the training of technicians working in the agricultural sector and by providing assistance to agricultural companies; with particular reference to technologies and funding possibilities, to the development of common research projects in the field of digital farming.


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