All-electric tractor with lithium-ion battery technology lit up LAMMA


Electric technology and battery power for the future of agriculture was at LAMMA in the form of Farmtrac’s FT25G electric model featuring a lithium-ion battery.

Responding to environmental concerns is a subject spanning all industries – no more so than in agriculture machinery where there simply has to be the choice to buy electric. No more damaging hydraulic leaks, no more emissions and no more pollution, electric-powered technology is a fundamental part of the future. But this should not be at the detriment to productivity, and that’s something Farmtrac focussed on in the design of its all-new, all-electric tractor. 

The 72V lithium-ion battery in the FT25G powers a 15kw electric motor, which is ample power for customers such as equestrian centres, greenhouse growers and livestock farms needing a dependable compact tractor to tackle those small and mid-duty jobs. Oil-immersed brakes, power steering and position control hydraulic linkage add to the range of features on the FT25G.

Charged from a domestic socket to 100 percent in five hours and able to run for up to six hours, operational use isn’t affected by the decision to go green either. And that’s why this launch is creating so much interest in the industry, says Steven Haynes, tractor sales manager at Reesink Agriculture, Farmtrac’s UK distributor: “The FT25G electric tractor is compact in size, but has more than enough power to be a useful, reliable and practical alternative to the small compact diesel tractor. The fact that it’s battery powered brings all the benefits you’d expect from choosing electric, such as no fuel costs, with no compromise to productivity and performance.”

Steven Haynes concludes: “We’re delighted to be able to bring the latest technology to the UK market in our new role as Farmtrac’s UK distributor. Farmtrac has a proven history of paving the way with its product development, and this is something that is evident across the current range, but none more so than in the effective and innovative electric model.”


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