Deere’s drills go ISOBUS


For 2019, John Deere will have new, fully ISOBUS compliant software available for both the 750A All-Till and 740A Min-Till drills.

The new, fully ISOBUS compliant software works with both John Deere and third party displays. As well as managing features such as section control, the software prevents overdosing in tramlines and provides a pre-dosing function.

Previously when drilling with tramlines the system simply divided the same amount of seed to fewer openers, which led to slight overdosing in the drilled rows. This latest software reduces the total amount of seed to maintain the correct seed rate across the whole field.

In addition, the pre-dosing function prevents gaps in the field when setting off from a standing start. The operator presses a button on the display and the metering system starts immediately, filling the system with seed and preventing any areas being missed.


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