iLevel app upgrades make time-saving tank monitoring checks more informative


iLevel, the telemetry-based remote monitoring system that enables a PC or mobile smart device to provide a remote real-time check of the contents of any bulk liquid storage tank fitted with a compatible sensor, has been improved and enhanced with the launch of a second generation version, including features which simplify the reordering process once a storage tank is depleted to a certain level. 

The upgrades have been made to match the latest generation of smartphones and tablets, on which most iLevel systems are now managed, and reduce the potential risk of businesses running dry of fuel and oil, enabling simple regular stock checks to be made.

Launched in 2014, the iLevel app enables users to manage and control stocks of liquids such as fuels and fertiliser, while also providing an element of security, sending email or mobile phone text alerts when there are significant changes in a tank’s contents. It is also possible to monitor levels of liquids produced, such as silage effluent. 

In addition to the smartphone/tablet app, iLevel data can be monitored via a PC through a secure webpage. Tank level data is sent wirelessly – via the mobile phone data network, alternative wireless networks such as SigFox or local wifi connections – to iLevel’s secure servers, from where it is processed to form the data displays that are then accessible via a password-protected customer webpage. This is viewable from anywhere with an internet connection, and allows multiple tank levels to be monitored.

The updated iLevel package now includes an improved website that is simpler to use, with a user-configurable page – eg lowest- or highest-level tanks listed first – making it easy to see at a glance the levels of liquid presence in multiple tanks across a business’s sites.

In the case of mobile tankers/bowsers, users can click on the tanks on their systems to show exactly where they are. There is also a new ‘get a quote’ function which, once preferred suppliers have been submitted, enables users to quickly source price quotations from up to three providers and buying groups when choosing between sources for a replenishment delivery. It is also now possible to place an order and make a delivery request once a supplier has been selected.

Further changes for the new version of the iLevel app include the ability to set warning levels at critical points such as 50 and 25 per cent full. Reports on tank levels are provided automatically every day, but if there is a fault with or damage to a sensor an alert is sent to the iLevel user if no tank level report has been recorded for 28 hours. 

Suppliers can also be given permission to access tank level data to monitor requirements and assign delivery times to prevent businesses from running out. Permitted daily/weekly/monthly withdrawal limits can also be set, with alerts provided should these be exceeded and/or fuel be drawn out of set hours. Should the business be subject to a theft or a mistake in delivery, iLevel can also be used to provide proof of contents.

Annual costs for iLevel comprise £80/tank/year for the licence fee plus £24/year for the cellular network charge, providing the customer access to the app and an individual, secure monitoring webpage. Existing customers will benefit from an automatic upgrade to the new version of the iLevel app.


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