MULTICROP cultivator with camera and automatic lift


Since its initial design Monosem’s Multicrop cultivating unit has had an integrated hydraulic lift.   Following on from this in partnership with Ermas management via electro-hydraulic values has been developed.

With this system, it is possible to control the unit lifting from the cab, manually thanks to the control button, or automatically if it is linked to an ISOBUS terminal and a GPS antenna so that cultivation can take place even at the field ends.

It is now possible to equip the cultivators with a camera guiding system which improves and increase work output and operator comfort.  This system can be adapted onto all Monosem cultivators with automatic guided frances, whether they are new or in service.

The parallelogram and the hydraulic cylinders of the frame allow a 15cm lateral off-set on each side. Therefore, the initial guiding system by track is replaced by a 3D camera. In addition to this, row feelers can be fitted.  They replace the camera guiding system when the culture is too developed or when there is too much wind.

With its large parallelogram with self-lubricating bushes and its large diameter front wheel (350 mm), the Multicrop is a heavy-duty cultivator unit. It is compatible with several accessories – rotary finger weeder, rear comb, additional pressure spring, disc ridgers – and placed directly on the units. This design stop any accessories working when the unit it lifted.


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