Interactive demonstration to showcase next generation KUHN-ISOBUS terminals at Cereals


KUHN Farm Machinery will be demonstrating two new ISOBUS-compatible terminals at this year’s Cereals show, with visitors to the KUHN stand (stand 632) able to take part in an interactive demonstration of the new CCI 1200 terminal on a KUHN AXIS fertiliser spreader simulator.

The new CCI 50 and CCI 1200 terminals, which replace the VT50 and CCI 200, have been developed through KUHN’s participation and membership of the CC-ISOBUS Association of which KUHN is a founding member and are designed to operate across KUHN’s range of arable and grass harvesting machinery.

The new KUHN CCI 50 ISOBUS terminal is a significant upgrade over the outgoing VT 50 as it now features a 5.4 inch (14.3 cm) touchscreen display and is compatible with a wider range of operating applications including Section Control. The new terminal features a scroll and selection wheel for main function control, plus 12 back-lit function keys, an auto-brightness sensor, and ports for video input, USB data transfer, GPS antenna input and biomass sensor input.

The CCI 1200 is also a significant upgrade over the outgoing CCI 200: the new terminal features a large 12.1 inch (30.5 cm) touchscreen display which can be used either horizontally or vertically and is easy to view in direct sunlight.   The unit’s flexible layout display can be configured to suit the individual operator’s preferences or machine’s requirements and has been designed to be easy and intuitive to use. A split screen function enables the operator to view and control two machines in tandem, while the option to display several mini-view windows enables the operator to monitor multiple parameters at once.

The CCI 1200 features two USB ports for data transfer, uploading application maps and charging external devices (e.g. mobile phone) as well as an auto-brightness sensor and video input port.

Both terminals can be used to control any ISOBUS-ready machine, enabling operators to select one universal terminal to control multiple implements, thereby reducing in-cab clutter. Both consoles are also able to control functionalities such as section control, variable rate application adjustment, work recording and documentation generation, making the operation of all compatible machines easier, quicker and more efficient.


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